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How to spread the word about your article


How to spread the word about your article
publish under a CC-BY license, which gives you the maximum freedom to
share your work. See below for a list of ways that you can utilize to
ensure everyone who needs to, sees your work.
Consider your title and keywords carefully
has suggested that shorter titles increase readership. Try to keep your
title concise - imagine that a potential reader is searching through a
large number of publications trying to find manuscripts of relevance to
read. They're more likely to notice your article if the content is
immediately clear from the title.
addition, consider your keywords carefully. These are used to ensure
your article is shown for various searches. You should therefore
consider what keywords you would use to search when seeking articles in
this topic area, and ensure you use those. You should also ensure your
title and abstract include these keywords.
Enhance your article on Kudos
Future Science OA and its sister journals are partnered with Kudos.
This is a service paid for by us and free to you, that helps you
enhance your article and view its impact. By adding pertinent
information to your article, you can help its visibility in search
engines and help others understand your work. You can also see a
dashboard that helps you monitor how your work is performing.
Sending your article to your peers
are free to share your work with your colleagues and peers. We suggest
you send them the link to your article, so you can continue to track how
many times your article has been accessed from our website, an update
coming soon.
Tell your press office
institutions have press offices; why not let them know about your
article? The lay abstract you write will ensure they can write a release
that will be clear to the non-expert audience.
Use social media
We see much higher readership numbers for articles where the authors have utilized social media. The impact is visible - Future Science OA and its sister journals have partnered
with Altmetric, a platform that measures online discussino surrounding
articles. You can view the Altmetric score for your article by opening
the HTML version of your article through our website, and viewing the
Altmetric score in the top right corner.
are a variety of different platforms you can use to maximise your
article's impact, which are explained in detail below. If you have any
queries about how to use social media, feel free to contact the Editor.
Future Science OA will tweet about your article, including a picture if you have chosen one suitable for sharing. Follow @fsgfso and retweet to your colleagues and peers.
you want to post about your article yourself, make sure you use
hashtags, as this improves searches for your tweet. For example, if your
article discusses something oncology based, ensure you include #cancer
in your tweet.
Linkedin, Pinterest and Facebook
Future Science OA will post about your article in suitable Linkedin groups. Connect with the Editor to
see when and where your article is posted. Feel free to post about your
article yourself in relevant groups and on your personal feed.
We will also post about your article on Facebook and Pinterest. Like our page here (Facebook) and here (Pinterest) to ensure you see the post and are able to share it.
Discuss your article online
your article up to online discussion is a great way to increase its
impact and see what your peers are saying, so why not blog about it?
There are a number of places you can do this online, and Future Science
Group publishes a range of free-to-use websites on which you can do
this, covering bioanalysis, oncology, regenerative medicine,
epigenetics, neurology, medical chemistry, and more. You can view those
sites here.
In addition, why not write an accompanying Editorial? If you would like
to submit an accompanying Editorial for your work, please do get in touch.
Posting your work on websites
article will be published under a CC-BY license, and thus you are free
to post and share it on any websites. This includes your institutional
and personal pages, along with sharing sites such as Mendeley,
ResearchGate and Impactstory.

How to spread the word about your article

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