Monday, 7 December 2015

Sharing and promoting your article

Promote your article

Now that your article is published, you
can promote it to make a bigger impact with your research. Sharing
research, accomplishments and ambitions with a wider audience makes you
more visible in your field. This helps you get cited more, enabling you
to cultivate a stronger reputation, promote your research and move
forward in your career.

Watch the short ‘Get Noticed’ video and download our Quick Guide and Brochure to find ways to make your article stand out.

  • Consider search engine optimization and keywords to help readers discover your article
  • Think about promoting your article through social media and press
  • Decide how you will share your article
  • Monitor your article's impact with article level metrics

Share your article

Sharing research is an important part of the research process. This simple guide will help you share your research broadly.

Share Link

To help you reach more readers, Elsevier will send you a Share Link
when your article is published: a personal, customized short link that
provides free access to your article for 50 days. This means you can
invite colleagues and peers to access your article on ScienceDirect,
sharing it by email and social media. Readers who click
on the Share Link will be taken directly to your article, with no
sign up or registration required.

  • 50 days’ free access to the html and PDF versions of your article
  • Sharing the link via social media accounts and email helps you generate interest in your article
  • Sharing your article makes it more visible, potentially increasing downloads and citations
  • The process is simple: just click on the link during the 50-day free access period
will automatically receive the Share Link at the final citable
publication stage of your article. If several authors are listed, the
named corresponding author will receive the Share Link, which can then
be shared with co-authors.

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Share your research

There are a number of options for posting and sharing your article below. For further information see Green open access with Elsevier, our sharing policy and our FAQ on posting.

I want to share my article:


Offprints are an exact copy of the
article published in either paper or digital (PDF) form. A few journals
still offer offprints, but Share Links will soon replace them.

Ordering offprints
will automatically receive an Offprint Order Form when your paper is
accepted. If several authors are listed, the named corresponding author
will receive the request form. The corresponding author must compile
requests from all contributing authors into a single
order. You can order paper offprints when you receive the Offprint
Order Form. If your journal does not offer paper offprints as standard,
you will need to pay a small fee. After you return the order form,
please allow 30-60 days for delivery of paper offprints, dependent on
local postal services. You
can check the dispatch date using the track your article tool.

After publication, you can order paper offprints via the WebShop.
You can order 50 to 250 offprints, in increments of 50, on high-quality
glossy paper with optional covers. If you are ordering paper offprints
on behalf of a corporation or institution, please contact

Measuring an article's or journal's impact

When sharing and promoting an article you want to measure the article's impact or the journal's impact or use My Research Dashboard.

Sharing and promoting your article

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