Monday, 7 December 2015

Listing of Open Access Databases - LOADB



A large number of Government agencies, research institutions
and academic institutions across the world create databases in various
fields of science and technology. Today, many of these databases are
available free on the World Wide Web through individual portals or
websites of the respective organizations. Unfortunately, these databases
are not separately classified. So a user upon searching on the Internet
gets thousands and millions of hits and keeps on clicking the websites
to find if there is a relevant database associated with any of the
websites. It is a time- consuming process and due to the limitation of
search engines, only a hundred sites can be checked at any given point
in time. It leads to poor awareness and accessibility of freely
available databases.

The objective of Listing of Open Access DataBases (LOADB) is
to create a web-enabled, linked, classified and categorized collection
of Open Access Databases which one can access from a single portal.
Although initial focus is on science and technology subjects, the
ultimate aim is to include all subject areas.

It is a pilot listing and is being subjected to peer review
to build a quality controlled collection of Open Access Databases. The
listing is open to all publishers who publish databases in Open Access
mode. LOADB will rely on crowd sourcing model to update and sustain its
services and welcomes submissions and suggestions from all the
stakeholders such as database publishers, research institutions,
universities, libraries, government and private agencies, scholars and

LOADB is a service of CSIR’s Unit for Research and
Development of Information Products (URDIP) located at Pune in India and
is being developed for the Open Science and Open Innovation
Infrastructure Project supported by CSIR at URDIP. More features and
services will be added as the project moves forward. CSIR-URDIP will
join hands with like-minded partners to further the cause of open access

CSIR-URDIP does not guarantee the content of any
database. Publishers are responsible for the information about their
organization and their products. 


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Listing of Open Access Databases - LOADB

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