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What is bibliometrics?


What is bibliometrics?

Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of research literature,
based upon citations, and can be used to evaluate the impact on the
academic community of a research paper, an individual researcher, a
research group or institution, or a journal.

Bibliometrics - an introduction (online tutorial)

What is bibliometrics used for?

Bibliometrics can be used to:

Demonstrate the impact of your own research or that of your research group

  • when applying for tenure, promotion or grants
  • by including bibliometric data on your CV
  • in order to show the value of your research to your institution
  • by showing return on investment to funding bodies, industry and the general public.
Identify areas of research strength and weakness to inform future research priorities for an institution.

Identify top performing journals in a subject area, in order to

  • decide where to publish
  • learn more about a subject area
  • identify emerging areas of research.
Identify top researchers in a subject area, in order to

  • locate potential collaborators or competitors
  • learn more about a subject area
  • inform a recruitment process.

What is bibliometrics? - What is bibliometrics - Leeds University Library

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