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How do I use Scopus’ Author Feedback Wizard? | Elsevier TrainingDesk


How do I use Scopus’ Author Feedback Wizard?


Tom Spiva
  1. To get to the author feedback wizard, select the Contact and Support link at the bottom of any Scopus page. (Figure 1)
  2.    On the Contact Us page you’ll see a link below the comments box which will take you to the Author Feedback Wizard. (Figure 1)
  3.   From here, you can search for your name using the author search form.
    1. There are two additional options available to widen your search.  First, By selecting the “Add affiliation” you can enter one or more affiliations (current and past)
    2. Second, by selecting the “Add name variant” button you can enter alternative name variations keeping in mind the different ways in which your name has been published in the past. Either of these additional search criteria may be deleted from the search by clicking on the X to the right of the search box.
  4. Welcome to the Author Feedback Wizard.  Articles are associated with a particular author based on a sophisticated algorithm. It can happen, however, that multiple profiles exist for one author.  In order to correct this, please select all name variations that correspond to you. (Figure 2)
  5. Now choose which name you would like to use for your profile. You can do this by selecting your preferred name spelling from the drop down list.
  6. Review the complete list of documents associated with all of the various author names you have selected to ensure that articles have not been attributed to you in error. (Figure 3)
    1. Remove articles that you did not author or co-author by clicking the check to the left of each article. These documents will be removed from your profile.
    2. If you find an article is missing.  At the bottom of your current list of articles, you’ll see a link: “Search for missing documents.” Click here to search for articles based on their titles. (Figure 3)
  7. Review the consolidated list of all articles which will now be associated with you and your profile.
  8.   Fill in your contact information and then submit all of your changes to our helpdesk. We will contact you in the event that we have questions and we will notify you once your profile has been updated. Please use the remarks box if you would like to include additional instructions.
  9. Shortly you will receive an email, confirm your request by clicking on the link, a follow-up email will be sent that contains a Thread ID. Keep this ID number and reference it when communicating with our customer support team.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

How do I use Scopus’ Author Feedback Wizard? | Elsevier TrainingDesk

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