Sunday, 10 January 2016

How to Improve Research Discoverability - Wiley Asia Blog


How to Improve Research Discoverability

To get more funding and maximize your research impact, it is of
paramount importance to drive usage and citation of your articles, in
addition to optimize communication with different audiences. This month,
we have put together a series of webinars to improve the
discoverability of your research and extend your personal influence
globally to enhance your career.

Dr. Margaret Cargill and Dr. Patrick O’Connor, University of Adelaide, Australia

Strategy and Steps in Inviting Research Articles for International Submission

Dr. Judy Peng, Managing Editor, Biotechnology Journal

How to maximize usage and citation to your articles

The opening remark is in Chinese but the whole presentation is in English

Dr. Andrew Moore, Editor-in-Chief, BioEssays

Optimizing your communication with different audiences

Webinars : How to Improve Research Discoverability - Wiley Asia Blog

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