Thursday, 14 January 2016

Slideshow Session 1 - Session 13 ('Document publishing tools' for research visibility management)

Dear all,

Please find the following links and photo from the session.

1-  “Citations and its Impact to University Ranking” available online at:
2-  “Maximizing Articles Citation Frequency” available online at:
3-  "A new research impact measuring system" available online at:
4-  “Create Wikiscientist Profile to boost research visibility” available online at:
5-  “How to select a Brand name for your research interest?” available online at:
6-  “Optimize your Article for Search Engine” available online at:
7- “Blogging/Microblogging for enhancing the research accessibility” available online at:
8- “Analysis of Bibliometrics information for select the best field of study” available online at:
9- “Create and maintain an up-to-date ResearcherID profile” available online at:
10-"Publication's e-mail marketing procedure" available online at:
11- "Academic social networking (ResearchGate, Academia & LinkedIn) and the research impact" available at:
12-“ Online Repository: Improving the research visibility and Impact” available at:
13- “Document Publishing Tools” for Research Visibility Improvement available at:

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