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Promoting your article


Promoting your article

We want to make
sure all the effort and expertise of our authors is read by the widest
possible audience. BJR works hard to promote your content through
e-alerts, our enhanced journal-hosting platform, search engine
optimisation (SEO), conference attendance, marketing, social media
campaigns and more.

As an author you can get involved and help disseminate your work to a wide network of your peers.

While writing your paper...

While you’re writing take a moment to consider your readers - what
words and key phrases would they enter in to a search engine to find
articles on the topic you’re writing on?

  • Choose a clear, descriptive title. Search engines weight the words
    in your title most heavily in determining what your article is about, so
    make sure anyone reading it would get a good idea of the article
    content from your title.

  • Use key words and phrases consistently throughout your article. The
    more these appear in the abstract and text, the more likely your
    article is to be returned high up in the results list of a search for
    those words/phrases (and related ones).
A word of caution, while it’s prudent to think about how someone
might search on the topic of your article, and how to maximise the
chances of them finding your article, don’t let that get in the way of
your writing style and make your work repetitive.

After publication of your paper...

Your article has been published in BJR - congratulations! We’ll do our best to promote your article for you.

As the author there are some things you can do to help people notice your article and read about your work:

Get social!

If you use social media don’t get shy now! Share your article on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc .

  • Facebook and LinkedIn: As well as communicating with your
    colleagues, getting in touch with relevant groups/societies on facebook
    and LinkedIn can spread the word quickly.

  • Twitter: Twitter is a great way to reach a wide audience. Get
    practising your editing skills - can you summarise your work and include
    a link to your article in 140 characters? (while you’re at it, follow
    us @BJR_Radiology).

  • Blogging: If you blog about your work (or your lab does), include a description of your article and a link on the next post.

Your CV and webpage

Update your CV,
lab/personal webpage and researcher profiles to include your latest
article and let everyone know you’re a hard working researcher
publishing in a prestigious, international journal.

Author e-prints

As a BJR author
you are entitled to electronic copies of your article. Once your work
is published we will send you a pdf copy of your paper.

E-mail copies to colleagues you think would be interested. People
you have cited might also be interested to read about your work.


Sign up to our e-alerts and encourage your colleagues to do so and be first to know when your article goes online

Cite your work

One of the ways
researchers find out about a paper is through the reference section in
other, related papers they read. Remembering to cite your BJR paper in
your next article will let readers know about your previous work. Your
article should be cited in the following format:

Author, Author. Title. Br J Radiol Year;volume:article identifier


Marcu LG, Lawson JM. Technical and dosimetric aspects of I-125
seed reimplantation in suboptimal prostate implants. Br J Radiol

e-mail signature

Now your article
is online you can start directing people towards it; why not include
something like this in your e-mail signature?

Read my latest article on XXX in BJR here (LINK)

Your press office

If you fancy a
little help promoting your work contact your institution’s press office.
If you provide them with a description of the article, why it’s
important and a link to the paper, they may be able to help you with
press releases and promotion.

Your library

Your library is
probably very keen to hear about work from your institution. Share the
details of your work with them and let your well-connected colleagues in
the library do some marketing for you.

Still have questions about promoting your article? Contact us at

The British Journal of Radiology :

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