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33 Ways for Improving Citations


33 Ways for Improving

February 16, 2015 at 19:00

Citation counts may not be the best way to measure a researcher’s success,
and we don’t claim that they are. But I propose that we leave that discussion
for a later post.

In the meanwhile, scientists looking to increase citation frequency may want
to read “Effective Strategies for Increasing Citation Frequency” by
“Nader Ale Ebrahim” et al. The authors scanned existing literature and
identified 33 ways of improving citations.

Several of those ways are linked to making papers Open Source or to creating
an ORCID profile. The team here at Science Publication Network strongly
supports these two ideas, and we’ll soon launch tools to help scientists to
better get the most out of them. Stay tuned!

At Science Publication Network we are developing the next
generation, collaborative and authentically peer-to-peer science publication
platform. Leave us your email so that we can update you on our progress!

Author: SciPubNet

33 Ways for Improving Citations

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