Thursday, 1 June 2017

Publication Trends in Physics Education: A Bibliometric study

Publication Trends in Physics Education: A Bibliometric study

bySeyedh Mahboobeh JamaliAhmad Nurulazam Md ZainMohd Ali SamsudinNader Ale Ebrahim
publication trend in Physics Education by employing bibliometric
analysis leads the researchers to describe current scientific movement.
This paper tries to answer “What do Physics education scientists
concentrate in their publications?” by analyzing the productivity and
development of publications on the subject category of Physics Education
in the period 1980–2013. The Web of Science databases in the research
areas of “EDUCATION - EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH” was used to extract the
publication trends. The study involves 1360 publications, including 840
articles, 503 proceedings paper, 22 reviews, 7 editorial material, 6
Book review, and one Biographical item. Number of publications with
“Physical Education” in topic increased from 0.14 % (n = 2) in 1980 to
16.54 % (n = 225) in 2011. Total number of receiving citations is 8071,
with approximately citations per papers of 5.93. The results show the
publication and citations in Physic Education has increased dramatically
while the Malaysian share is well ranked.


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Jamali, Seyedh Mahboobeh; Zain, Ahmad
Nurulazam Md; Samsudin, Mohd Ali; Ale Ebrahim, Nader (2017): Publication
Trends in Physics Education: A Bibliometric study. figshare.

    Publication Trends in Physics Education: A Bibliometric study


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