Monday, 9 November 2015

Academic SEO for your research papers | How to publish in journals


Academic SEO for your research papers

Academic SEO for your research papersThe truth is that I hadn’t thought much of linking SEO and papers before, but it’s reasonable: to use the techniques of marketing from bloggers and websites to raise the visibility of our research. There is a document on the subject, from Wiley, Search Engine Optimization: For Authors,
which is quite original, though in truth it doesn’t add much to what
authors do naturally with their papers, but it gives you a very
interesting twist on how to write (or varnish) your scientific articles.

​​your articles to obtain citations is not well seen in academia, but
instead working on SEO it isn’t, that comes to be the same thing, so
don’t worry, without realizing it you do SEO for your publications.

  • Academic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of
    transforming your research paper into one which is easily indexed and
    categorized by the search engines
    , and thereby more advantageously positioned to increase visibility and citations.
That an author alone could position his/her articles on Google is practically impossible, though you can do many things, as Wiley say in the above mentioned article, such as:

  1. Take care of the title, abstract and keywords thinking of SEO
  2. Write consistently and use headings
  3. Cite your own articles and those of the co-authors
  4. Promote your papers in the social and academic networks
I mean, those are the logical tips, and even the classical ones to round and disseminate a paper in the web 3.0 environment, but you can now comment about them without complexes: everything seemed so far as self-promotion, now with SEO language everything is politically correct, and even look foolish if you don’t do it.

But don’t forget that the main tool of SEO is the very journal where you publish, or the publishing platform, that is well positioned as Wiley’s
in this case; this by itself can generate more than 90% of a paper
positioning on the searches. What doesn’t change anything to what is
being done so far, that the platform for disseminating research is the important thing; so that simultaneously leaves a glimmer of hope for other innovative platforms such as repositories; there is the successful SSRN.

So take it easy, because everything in academic research always leads to the same thing: the base is good research, plan well the impact, and publish in the right journal for your paper.
Almost nothing! And in the meanwhile don’t forget the SEO thing, for
having done all you should do to increase your prestige and personal

Academic SEO for your research papers | How to publish in journals


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