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How to disseminate your content


How to disseminate your content

Spreading content
After you have figured out what sort of content your business
requires and you have started publishing that content the next step is
distributing and disseminating that content. Simply publishing content
on your website or blog is not going to be very profitable unless people
become aware of it and start accessing it. You may already have a
steady flow of traffic to your website or blog and this can further gain
traction once you produce more and more content but still you have to
take measures to make your content accessible to as many people as
possible. Listed below are some channels that you can use to disseminate
your content

Publishing content on your website or blog

This is the easiest way of making your content available but for this
people need to be aware of your website and blog. If you already have
an audience, great, but if you are in the process of building an
audience than along with publishing content under your website you also
need to focus on other sources.

Publishing an electronic newsletter

Publishing an e-zine is one of the oldest and the most effective ways
of spreading your content on a regular basis. Have an opt in e-mail
list and display a subscription box on your website and on your blog.
You can either just publish content in the e-zine or you can first
publish it on your website or blog and then mail links to your
subscribers. Services like MailChimp and Aweber
have great features and they also provide you with ready-made
subscription forms that you can straightaway copy/paste onto your
website and blog

Making RSS subscription available

RSS feeds are a great way of regularly distributing your new content.
If you are using a content management system to manage your website and
blog the feature that generates RSS feeds must already be there (you can also use for better statistics and enhanced exposure).
Once you have generated an RSS feeds link display it prominently on
your blog and website and elsewhere so that people can easily subscribe
to it.

Using social media channels

Although your blog is very much a part of social media you can use other avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.
Many businesses publish content keeping such distribution channels in
mind. Extensive research has been done on what sort of content goes
viral on social media websites: what sort of heading and what sort of
format attract the most attention and encourage people to share your

Submitting articles to article directories

There are many article directories that accept articles free of cost.
It is a much outdated method but it is still being used by those who
have just started spreading around their content, and to an extent it
does work. The only problem is the quality of most of the articles in
these article directories is not up to the mark and consequently they
don’t carry much authority.

Writing for other blogs

Writing for other blogs exposes your skills in front of an entirely
new audience and it also gives people an opportunity to visit your
website or blog and know more about you and your business. There are
many successful bloggers who are constantly looking for guest bloggers
to provide them the much-needed respite and if you can write well you
can approach them. With every blog post a small bio of yours appears
carrying your credentials, primary URL and also a link to your RSS feed.

Submitting slides and PDFs

You can create information slides and PDFs and upload them to websites like SlideShare and Scribd. I personally feel compared to full-fledged blog posts and articles it’s much easier to create slides carrying main points.

Publishing white papers

White papers pack lots of useful information without beating around
the bush. Writing and publishing white papers might be a difficult task
because it requires lots of research work and fine tuning (most white papers are scholarly and detailed)
so you may want to spend more than a couple of weeks preparing a single
white paper. But once it is prepared and published on your website you
will reap great dividends for a long time.

Attending meetups and workshops

If there are meetups and workshops happening in your niche you must
try to attend them so that more and more people come to know of your
presence. This may not directly help you expose your content in front of
them but it will certainly bring you in contact with several
influential people in your business and some of them may mention your
website or blog through their blog or social media updates.

These are some prominent channels you can use to distribute your content over the Internet.

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How to disseminate your content

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