Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Assess yourself - Get connected - LibGuides at Curtin University

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Assess your online professional presence

digital identity online, defined as ‘the extent to which others can
identify you online as a scholar’, is central. This is why it is
critical to become aware of your online presence and to shape and
maintain this presence.

Remember to re-assess your online profile on a regular basis to monitor for changes and new content

Have you 'Googled' yourself?
Whether you have
actively created one or not, you will already have a digital footprint;
this can include both content you have created, and content that has
been created about you.

Build your profile
This can include your staff profile on the Curtin website, professional sites such as LinkedIn or Academia.edu and social media.

Communicate and connect
The web offers a
variety of means by which you can connect with current or future
colleagues . Focus on a few channels that offer the most value for you.

Improve the availability of your research outputs
Link articles to
your profile and consider ways to maximise availability e.g. depositing
articles in espace to share and promote your research.

Google profile

Manage your online reputation

  • Search for yourself
  • Create a Google profile
  • Frequently remove unwanted content and the associated search results
  • Get notified when your personal data appears on the web

Google alerts

Set up Google alerts so you can automatically monitor your online presence over time
Assess yourself - Get connected - LibGuides at Curtin University

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