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Research Impact: Enhance Impact

Increase your research visibility

Prepare your article

In order to
make your research papers more visible and easily retrievable by search
engines such as Google or Google Scholar, you can do the following.
1. Create a search-engine-friendly title by:
  • Keeping your title short. 
  • Adding important
    keywords related to your topic within the first 65 characters of your
    title. In general, search engine result pages do not display more than
    70 characters of your title.
2. Optimise your abstract by:
  • Including key
    findings in the first 2 sentences of your abstract as search engine
    results usually display only the first two sentences.
  • Repeating your
    keyword (e.g., autism) 3-6 times so as to clearly express the crux of
    your research - this will help in relevance ranking.

Sharing Your Research

Another great way to increase the visibility of your research
output is to share it online. There are many publication
repositories where you can share your preprints or some version of your
published articles for others to access (do check publisher's
requirements). This automatically increases your readership and the
potential impact of your work.

Promote your research

You've worked very hard and your
article has been published! Now what? Here are some tips on promoting
your article and maximising its impact.
You may consider preparing a media
release about your article and contact your Department, your Faculty,
and the Office of Corporate Relations to see how they can help you
publicize your article through various NUS channels. Alternatively, you
may want to contact the publisher of your journal article and check with
them what they are doing to promote your article as well as other
research published by them.
Communicate your research online

There are a variety of online places you can share your work to increase its visibility. Here are some new forms of scholarly publishing to get you started:
  • Figshare - A
    cloud based repository that "allows users to upload any file format to
    be made visualisable in the browser so that figures, datasets, media,
    papers, posters, presentations and file sets can be disseminated."
  • SlideShare - Freely
    share your slide presentations, infographics, and more. Track slide
    downloads as an alternative research impact measure.
  • Twitter -
    Share links and short messages, keep up with conferences and meetings,
    and connect with potential collaborators. Tweets can be tracked
    for altmetric purposes.
  • Vimeo - Watch, upload, and share video content for free.
  • WordPress - Create a free blog or website with this user-friendly web-based software.

Join a research community

ResearchGate is
the largest academic social networking site. It enables researchers to
share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators for your
publications. Signing up for an account requires an email address at a
recognised institution or a manual confirmation from a
published researcher. Learn more here.

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Enhance Impact - Research Impact - LibGuides at National University of Singapore

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