Sunday, 18 December 2016

Figshare teams up with SpringerNature | Research Information



Figshare teams up with SpringerNature

an online digital repository for academic research, has teamed up with
Springer Nature to support BioMed Central and SpringerOpen authors in
openly sharing their supplementary data.

Figshare is now hosting additional files from more than 300 BioMed
Central and SpringerOpen journals. This new service to authors and
readers is aimed at:

  • Improving the online display of articles;
  • Improving readership of and engagement with published articles;
  • Increasing the discoverability of additional files (and articles);
  • Providing richer, more specific metrics about the readership and reuse of additional files; and
  • Assigning each additional file a unique digital object identifier (DOI).
Providing each journal with its own portal within Springer
Nature's Figshare repository, giving each journal its own data
repository (example from Genome Biology here)
Hrynaszkiewicz, head of data publishing at Springer Nature, said: 'We
want to enable all of our authors and editors to publish the best
research and promote wider access to data and materials that support

'To help achieve this we have introduced enhanced display and
discovery of supplementary materials, in partnership with Figshare,
starting with BioMed Central and SpringerOpen journal articles. This is
part of Springer Nature's commitment to open research, enabling public
accessibility and reuse of research through innovative policies,
services and content features.'

Springer Nature says it has embarked on the partnership to integrate
data sharing within existing journal workflows and article publication.

Mark Hahnel, CEO of Figshare added: 'Springer Nature and BioMed
Central are innovators in research data sharing and publishing, enabling
researchers to make their data discoverable and reusable with
industry-leading work on data policies, data journals, data licensing
and support for data citation.

'Springer Nature is also one the largest research publishers and so
I’m thrilled that so many researchers will benefit from better
discoverability and reuse of their research data by the introduction of
Figshare technology, starting with BioMed Central and SpringerOpen

Figshare teams up with SpringerNature | Research Information

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