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Use a Movie Trailer to Share Science | The Scientist Videographer


Use a Movie Trailer to Share Science

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uses movie trailers to announce a new film and to attract viewers. You
can use the same approach to tell others about an upcoming journal
article, report, book, or research project. Students might use a trailer
to share their experiences on a field trip or to make a video to accompany a conference poster. It’s a fun way to share your work with others or to tell people about your activities.

How does one go about creating a movie trailer? In iMovie (both the
desktop and mobile versions), you are given the option of making a movie
from scratch or using a movie trailer template. If you select the
latter, the trailer editor does most of the work for you—for example,
making suggestions about what types of footage and text to use. The
trailer option may be helpful if you are having difficulty getting
started with a video project. You may be at a loss as to how to organize
your material to tell a story…..or you may not have time to plan,
shoot, and edit a movie from scratch.

To help you out, I’ve created a two-part tutorial to show how
to use the trailer option in iMovie (Version 10.0.8) to create a movie
In this tutorial, I recreate a trailer that announces
an upcoming, hypothetical paper, but you can use it for many other
purposes. The tutorial walks you through the workspace and shows how to:
import footage and other media, modify added video clips and photos,
and convert the trailer to a movie project to allow more extensive

Even if you do not plan to use a movie trailer to share your
work, making a mock trailer is a great way to begin learning how to
design and edit a video.
And, who knows? You may end up with
something great. If you already have film clips or photos of your
research or other activity, the movie trailer editor will allow you to
make a video in less than an hour. If you do not like the provided
templates (and some are pretty cheesy), it’s possible to convert the
trailer to a regular movie project that can then be edited to your

Parts One and Two are embedded below (select full-screen and HD for best viewing). Direct links to the videos are here and here.

Use a Movie Trailer to Share Science | The Scientist Videographer

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