More and more librarians are being called upon to help track and report on the outputs and impact of research. From a landscape of article and book citations, the vista has broadened to a range of research outputs, measures and applications.
Download and share the new infographic from Elsevier's Library Connect and Jenny Delasalle, a freelance consultant and librarian. It tells the story of how librarians are working with researchers and the research office to measure research impact and to explore the application of these measurements. 

We also invite librarians to take advantage of the many tools and resources Elsevier offers to support librarians and researchers in promoting research and assessing its impact. 
  1. Update the Scopus Author Profile and integrate automatically with ORCID.
  2. Share newly published articles free for 50 days with ScienceDirect Share Link.
  3. Check out ScienceDirect Article Usage Reports for article-level statistics.
  4. Establish an academic profile on Mendeley and promote your research.
  5. Discover what researchers are discussing in Mendeley groups.
  6. Tap into social and academic networks with altmetrics in ScienceDirect and Scopus.
  7. Access deeper behavioral analytics via Mendeley Institutional Edition.
  8. Use Scopus analyzers to compare search results, authors and journals.
  9. Improve research strategy with SciVal collaboration and benchmarking tools.
  10. Manage your institution’s research and faculty information with Pure.
  11. Download Snowball Metrics, global standards for institutional benchmarking .
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