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Social media is prevalent in everyday life: in social
settings; corporate environments; and within the scholarly community. It
is a valuable tool which can help you with your research before, during
and after publication. By using social media effectively, you can
increase the impact of your work and positively influence communities.
Additionally, you can use social media as a means of meeting and sharing
ideas with other researchers in your respective field, thereby
expanding your scholarly networks.

The important thing to note is that, although social
networks are indeed "social" and play an increasingly important part in
people's everyday lives, social media is still underused as a way of
disseminating research within the academic community, as many
researchers and authors underestimate its importance. Here at Emerald,
we are committed to supporting our authors along every step of the
academic journey to ensure your research makes the real-world impact it
deserves. As such, we have created some features and tools to help you
make best use of the social media platforms freely at your disposal.

By using social media to its full potential, you could:

  • Boost the influence your research has within your chosen field
  • Create greater interaction and collaboration with other
    experts in your field on a global scale. This may include people you
    would not normally have the chance to work with or that you've wanted to
    network with for some time
  • Benefit from the expertise of other researchers that can
    provide a sounding board for your ideas before, during or after the
    research process. A bit like an informal version of peer-review, with
    the main aim being to help enrich your work
  • Raise the profile of your research
  • Extend the reach of your research to include publications you may not have originally considered
  • Ultimately give your work an enhanced opportunity to have real-world, far-reaching impact

Social media for authors infographic

A quick-reference guide to help you effectively use social media to
disseminate your research. (click on the image below to see more)

Image: Social media for authors infographic.

Social Insight

Researchers often use social media platforms to find, use and
disseminate information thanks to its accessibility. Social media
platforms enable users to share content quickly and – as so many people
now have smartphones – put research at people's fingertips. It is
therefore important that you direct people to your research via the DOI
as this will allow you to track downloads, citations and help improve
the impact of your work. Make sure you also tag and "like" relevant
posts to improve your visibility within your chosen community. Plus,
social media encourages reciprocation, so make sure you share other
researchers' work and social media content too.

Social media platforms are forums where people can also discuss
developments in research and academia in general. They really have
become a go-to place for people looking for insight into certain
topics. When it comes to conducting your own research, you can also use
the various sites to monitor and contribute to conversations of interest
to you and your work.

One thing to remember is that there is no single right way to do
things! You will eventually (or very quickly) find your own style and
voice and become part of a research community you may not geographically
be able to access. As a final note, think about the tone of your
social posts: ensure that tone is appropriate with regard to your work
and the community you are looking to engage with. Understanding your
audience will help you successfully disseminate your research and
generate greater real world impact.

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Emerald | How to disseminate your research via social media

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