Monday, 9 January 2017

101 Twitter guide for academics - Global Academy Jobs Blog

101 Twitter guide for academics

Five-part Guide to Using Twitter as an Academic

…the internet is challenging not only to the individual academic
user and their careers but also higher education institutions, e.g.,
forcing changes in access to journals, …novel teaching strategies … and
shared research data. The list of how the internet is changing academia
is too awesome

With this in mind Josephine Scoble aka @online_academic began
her blog and has created a five-part guide to using Twitter as an
academic, starting with the basics through to growing your network.

Part One: Nuts & Bolts
Part Two: The Talking Business Card
Part Three: How to Start Tweeting
Part Four: Twelve Rules of Tweeting
Part Five: Growing Your Network.

Click here to read the full post.

The power of the hashtag: Twitter tools you need to know about
truly leverage your network for your own research, the hashtag can be a
surprisingly powerful ally. Nick Whitworth, Social Communications
Executive at Wiley, has written a post on the Wiley Exchanges blog that
is aimed at researchers and how they can get the best use out of Twitter
hashtags. Using more than a guess as to what hashtag to follow, or use,
is an excellent way of filtering out much of the noise on Twitter.
Whitworth showcases three free to use platforms that can help you to
find the right Twitter hashtags to follow to help with your resarch or
to find a community that is discussing a particular topic

The platforms that Whitworth suggests using are

2. Ritetag

Click here for the full post and a topline overview on how to use them.

101 Twitter guide for academics - Global Academy Jobs Blog

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