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Name Ambiguity

is important for works to be correctly attributed to their author.
Unfortunately, name ambiguity can sometimes make this challenging!

Name variants are a key example of name ambiguity and include:

  • More than one author having the same name
  • Similar spelling of name
  • Incorrect name order
  • Use or misuse of middle initial
  • Different version of name used throughout career (name change, maiden name, married name, etc)
Researcher identification systems offer stable author identifiers,
and provide one way that author name ambiguity can be proactively
decreased. Common researcher identification systems include: ORCID,
Scopus Author Identifier, ResearcherID, and Google Scholar Citation

Researcher Identification Systems

A variety of free options allow you to create and maintain a stable researcher profile:

ORCiD: enables you to obtain a
unique 16 digit identification number that can be used to tie you to
your work.  ORCiD enables communication across multiple platforms,
including Scopus and Web of Science's ResearcherID.

Scopus Author Identifier:
creates an Author Profile with an associated Author Identifier, and
associates you with the publications that you have authored.  Allows you
to request changes when you notice inaccuracies in your Author
Profile.  Scopus also provides the Scopus2Orcid option as a way to link your Author Identifier information with your ORCiD identification number.

Web of Science ResearcherID:
add publications that you have authored to a free profile that you
create.  You can then use ResearcherID to calculate your h-index based
on these publications.

Google Scholar Citations Profile:
allows you to create a profile, search Google Scholar for articles you
have published, and calculate your h-index based on the list of
publications you create and vet.


The material on this page is based on content from the University of Melbourne's Research Impact LibGuide, created by Satu Alakangas and Jennifer Warburton.

Author Profiles - Calculate Your Academic Footprint - Research Guides at University of Waterloo Library

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