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Evaluating Author Impact

Why would you want to evaluate an author?

There are steps researchers can take to figure out whether findings
reported in research articles are plausible. One step is to investigate
the source, including evaluating author(s), the article and the journal.
For example, an accomplished researcher who works in an established
academic institution is less likely to write a faulty research article.
Researchers also would want to evaluate the authors of a research
article when considering a possible collaboration opportunity.

The resources listed on this page help you assess authors and the
quality of their work. In addition, each source provides users with
specific metrics and information about authors that might overlap, or
vary. In order to have a comprehensive overview about an author, be
aware of the different kinds of metrics and information provided by
different websites. It’s a good practice to check metrics from at least
two or three sources to form an objective picture about an author’s

On this page we will display an explanation about evaluating authors’ metrics and resources to help you in your search:


There are a lot of sources that provide comprehensive metrics about
author that would help formulate a rounded opinion about authors’
scientific contributions.


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Evaluating Author Impact | University Libraries

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