Sunday, 10 May 2015

Traditional Academic Writing - University of Bradford


Traditional academic writing

Teach yourself guides:

Academic voice (pdf, 1,290KB)

Good practice in academic writing (pdf, 628KB)

Essay writing process (pdf, 1,386KB)

Essay planning and structuring (pdf, 1,086KB)

10 ways to enliven your essays (pdf, 681KB)

Writing your final year project (Management) (pdf, 619KB)

Writing your dissertation (and other long assignments) (pdf, 642KB) (docx, 70KB)

 Reviewing and revising your dissertation (pdf, 160KB) (docx, 40KB)

Quick read guides:

What tutors expect from assessed writing (pdf, 108KB)

Writing good introductions (pdf, 109KB)

Developing your arguments in assignments (pdf, 70KB)


What affects your essay marks? (pdf, 294KB) (docx, 39KB)

Understanding essay questions and titles (pdf, 336KB) (docx, 37KB)

Essay writing process (pdf, 12KB)

What should go into an introduction and conclusion (pdf, 170KB) (docx, 34KB)

Structuring an essay (pdf, 169KB) (docx, 46KB)

Writing case study assignments (pdf, 118KB) (docx, 37KB)

Phrasebank linking words 1 (pdf, 69KB)

Phrasebank linking words 2 (pdf, 9KB)

Abstract writing (pdf, 38KB)

Sample research proposal (pdf, 218KB) (docx, 114KB)

10 takeaway tips:

Writing in an academic style (pdf, 365KB) (docx, 42KB)

Structuring your essay (pdf, 253KB) (docx, 48KB)


Understanding essay questions - key words and propositions (pdf, 257KB) (docx, 80KB)

Developing your own writing style (pdf, 311KB) (docx, 67KB)

Being concise for academic voice (pdf, 184KB) (docx, 35KB)

Organising information into paragraphs (pdf, 184KB) (docx, 65KB)

Thinking about good essay structure (pdf, 297KB) (docx, 59KB)

Plan the structure of an essay body (pdf, 162KB) (docx, 43KB)

Constructing an argument - the switch activity (pdf, 143KB) (docx, 43KB)

Moving from description to analysis (pdf, 659KB) (docx, 44KB)

What are markers looking for? ‌ (docx, 71KB)

Good essay writing - in the tutor's shoes (pdf, 289KB) (docx, 77KB)

Writing an MA dissertation proposal (pdf, 161KB) (docx, 39KB)

Writing a PG research proposal (pdf, 641KB) (docx, 150KB)

Useful links:

Writing style (academic voice) - University of Manchester - academic phrasebank

Skills for postgraduate students - Jerz's literacy weblog - academic writing tips

Traditional Academic Writing - University of Bradford


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