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Toolkit: Journal Author Promotion


Toolkit: Journal Author Promotion

Maximize the impact of your published research!

Wiley works hard to create visibility for your work. There are key things that you can do as well to help. Here are seven promotional tools to help ensure your work gets seen, read and cited.

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1. Search Engine Optimization: Make your abstract and title clear and searchable

Well Optimized Abstract

Currently more than 50% of traffic to Wiley Online Library comes directly from internet search engines. When search engines check your article, they are looking at two key things: the title and the abstract. Find out more about optimizing your title and abstractchoosing keywords as well as off-page SEO strategies to promote your published article.

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2. Social Media: Share with your network and beyond

Social Media

If you use Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, or other social media platforms, share your article via the Wiley Online Library ‘Article Tools’ box. Remember to also take advantage of any existing Society / College social media sites.

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3. The Wider Web: Increase your outreach


Update your faculty or professional website with an entry about your article, including a link.

Other opportunities include:

  • Find a Wikipedia page on a topic related to your article, and add a reference to your paper.
  • Add the paper to your listed publications on ResearchGate.
  • Join academic social networking sites such as, where you can also post details of your publications.
  • Register for your unique ORCID author identifier and add details of the article to your profile.
  • If you run a blog, add a post about your article. If you have a contact who runs a blog, ask them to help promote your work.
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4. Conferences: Exchange information about your work with fellow researchers face-to-face


is still the best way to share the importance of your article.
Conferences therefore represent a great opportunity to talk
to the people that matter the most – your fellow researchers.

Talk about your paper to colleagues through visuals, networking or formal speaking events - referencing the relevant journal as well.

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5. Publicity: Talk to the media through your institution or Wiley’s PR News Round Up service

Press Releases

If you have a potential newsworthy article, let
the press office in your institution know about it. No permission is
required from Wiley for any press release, but please respect the
following points in our PR guide:

Wiley's News Round Up Service reaches more than 1,500 media contacts. More information email:

Find out more:

How to judge the news value of your paper


6. Email: Personally share links to your article with colleagues and peers

advantage of any relevant email messages sent out through your
institution or Society / College, or simply add a link to your email
signature. Use the Wiley Online Library ‘Article Tools’ box to email your article to interested colleagues.

Nominate up to 10 colleagues to receive free access to your article upon publication through Wiley Author Services. Finally, remember to sign up for journal content alerts, so you know when your article is officially published online.


7. Multimedia: Share views on the significance of your article through supporting videos and podcasts


Wiley journals welcome short videos or podcasts from authors which
convey the essence of the paper (and its wider relevance). So talk
directly to potential readers, and share your passion for your work.

Find out more:
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And finally...

promoting your article, you will want to know how it went. Wiley can
help you there, too. ‘Get Citation Alerts’, in the Article Tools box,
lets you sign up for citation alerts for your article. You can also
track article citations through the ‘Cited By’ tab. Find out more about citation metrics.

For more author resources, sign up to our Author Blog Series 

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