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Merging EndNote Libraries


Merging EndNote Libraries

How do I merge multiple EndNote libraries?

There are two ways to merge EndNote libraries:

  • Copy, or drag & drop references from one library to another

  • Import one library into another.
Important: any time you add
references to a library, the newly added references are assigned new
record numbers in the order that they are added to the library, which
affects their use in documents (e.g. a reference that was Reference
Number #23 in a smaller library could become Reference Number #600 in a
larger library). As a result, if a merged library is used to format Word
documents that has citations inserted from the previous library,
EndNote may request that you select matching references from your
library for citations in the document.

Copy, or drag & drop references from one library to another

To use this option, open all relevant EndNote libraries.

Copying & pasting method

  • Select the references that you want to copy and choose Copy from the Edit menu.

  • Click into the new library location and choose Paste from the Edit menu.

Using Drag & Drop

To copy specific references from one library to another, simply
select them in one library (hold down the CTRL key to select
non-consecutive references; use the SHIFT key to select a range), click
on any part of the selection and use the mouse to drag the selection to
another library.  The selected references are copied to the library
where they were "dropped."

Importing EndNote Libraries

  • To import one EndNote library into another, use the Import command from the File menu.

  • Choose the EndNote Library import option and be sure to pick the appropriate "Duplicates" setting.

  • The advantage of using the Import command over the other two
    methods mentioned above is it provides the ability to filter out
    duplicate references.
If you require further support on this topic please contact the EndNote support staff via our online form.

ask.unimelb : Merging EndNote Libraries

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