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5 step process for promoting your research

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Promote your research

5 step process for promoting your research
Congratulations! You’ve just received confirmation from the journal
that the hard part is over; your work will be published soon. Now it’s
time to start spreading the word around your findings and analysis.

Here’s a five-step process outlining how you can help the AHC public relations team raise awareness around your research:

  1. Contact your academic unit’s communicator. If your unit doesn’t have a dedicated communicator, feel free to reach out to us directly at health@umn.edu.

    communicator will get the communications ball rolling within your
    academic unit, determining how to use that unit’s existing internal and
    external communication vehicles to promote your research.
  2. Your communicator will relay your publication information to
    the Academic Health Center Office of Communications so we can explore
    PR/media relations opportunities.

    A member of the AHC PR
    team will reach out to you to learn more about your publication,
    confirm the publication date and set up a time to conduct an interview
    to learn more about your work. We’ll also confirm the publication date
    with the journal and coordinate our work with both the journal and your
    research partners.
  3. Outline your research to the AHC Public Relations team.

    member of the AHC PR team will meet with you to learn more about your
    research, your results and how your work impacts the general public or
    any specific audiences you have in mind.

    At times, the AHC PR
    team might also want to feature your research in a video, a University
    Expert Alert or a post on the University’s Health Talk Blog or AHC web
    site. All items help promote your research findings.
  4. Approve press materials and any content related to your research.
    with the press, you have the ability to review and approve any press
    materials created by the AHC PR team. Please remember the approval
    process is more about content accuracy than editorial suggestions. The AHC PR team knows the type of language, writing style and formatting the media prefers.

    all materials are approved and publication dates/embargoes are
    confirmed with the journal, the AHC PR team will begin sending media
    materials and (at times) a copy of your publication to reporters they
    think might be interested.
  5. Position yourself for media success.

    often, the media’s interest will depend on the subject and scale of the
    research. While all research our experts pursue is important, the media
    will latch onto what will be most digestible to their readers.

    availability can also play into media coverage. The PR team will
    schedule interviews around your schedule, but it helps if the team has
    interview slots to offer interested reporters.

    An important
    reminder: reporters rarely cover researcher more than a day after a
    publication. To support your efforts to publicize your research results,
    it’s critical that the PR team learn of upcoming research as soon as
    you’re told it has been accepted for publication. This helps us plan and
    ends up in the best outcomes.
Thanks for working with the AHC PR team. We look forward to helping promote your research publication.

Promote your research | Academic Health Center Resource Hub - University of Minnesota

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