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How to Promote Journal Article

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How to promote journal articles

Promoting your journal article is
imperative to maximise the exposure, enhance the discoverability and
increase engagement with readers and other academics. Together with the
publisher, as an author, you can help to promote your newly published
articles via the following:
Institutional webpage.

Provide the link of your latest article in your institutional website.
The webpage visitors who view your profile will be able to see your
latest research and publications.
Social media.

The rise of the social media has also profoundly affected the publishing
fraternity. More and more users have chosen the social media platforms
as a way of sharing. Social media sharing helps foster convenient
dissemination of information, which can be achieved within a short time.
You can share your article in major online social media platforms
including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.
Utilise scholarly networking and reference platforms.

A scholarly or academic networking platforms such as Academia.edu,
MyNetResearch, ResearchGate, Mendeley and so on are indeed useful as
they help bring scholars of common areas of expertise close together.
Press Releases.

If your article involves a new, significant or important discovery,
consider linking up with media organisations for a press release. This
brings your work to the mainstream media.

If you keep a personal blog, you can get your blog readers updated with
the list of your most recently published articles and the development in
your area of research. Linking your article in your personal blog can
vastly enhance the discoverability. Discuss briefly about the article
and how the users might benefit from it.
Add to reading list or assignment.

Add your article (or the journal your article is published) as essential
reading to your students. You may also create related assignments, e.g.
review of the article, or have them discussed about the write up in
Add to your signature.

Announce your latest publication underneath your signature. Provide a link where the article can be downloaded/viewed.

How to Promote Journal Article

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