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23 Research Things (2017) – Digital tools to support your research

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Thing 18: Sharing Your Work (Without Breaking the Law)

Image: “Share” by GotCredit via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Knowing what your publisher will let
you share with others, and where you can share it, is one of the more
challenging obstacles to reaching an audience outside academia. In this
post, we provide some guidelines on sharing online (without upsetting
your publisher). 
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Thing 16: Communicating Your Research

Image: “Home Office Workstation” by Free-Photos via Pixabay (CC0)
Academic research is traditionally
communicated in articles which are aimed at an expert audience and
published in specialised journals. But if you are thinking about
disseminating your research more widely, and possibly beyond an academic
audience, blogging or writing for news outlets like The Conversation
may be the answer.  
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Thing 13: Manipulating Images

Previous posts have considered
storing and finding images, but what if you’d like to take it a step
further and manipulate images? The University Digitisation Centre (UDC)
processes over 1 million images per year, and this post introduces some
of the tools and techniques UDC staff use for automating tasks when
manipulating images. 

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23 Research Things (2017) – Digital tools to support your research

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