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Make your research more visible - Wiki


Make your research more visible

University Library can give you advice and guidance on how you as a
researcher can make your scientific publications more visible and
hopefully be more frequently cited.

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article isn't about scientific writing, but rather about what you
should think about when you choose where to publish manuscripts and what
happens after publication. 

Why should you strive to make your research more visible? #

visible as a scientist means that your publications are read, commented
and cited by the research community. Research that has impact is of
importance both for the individual researcher and NTNU as a whole.

the Ministry of Education and Research tends to reward publication
points in research budget allocation. Internationally, it is equally
important to be visible in citation databases such as Scopus and Web of
Science. Articles that are cited in these databases raise NTNU's
placement in international university rankings, which are partially
based on the number citings of publications from the institution's
researchers. Cited publications also help you as a researcher become
visible to possible collaborators who are considering cooperating with
research groups or individuals. 

Important to increase visibility #

International visibility #

  • English publications in international journals make the article more visible and increase the possibility of citation.
  • Check if the journal is indexed by Web of Science or Scopus, as this effects the university ranking.
  • Check the journal impact factor in Journal  Citation Reports for an indication of the average citation score of the journal's publications.
  • Register your research profile and get a unique researcher ID at: Web of ScienceScopus and Google Scholar. Remember to include your correct NTNU affiliation.

In the Norwegian system #

  • Search in the Norwegian register of scientific journals, series and publishers  (NSD) to find the level of a given periodical or publisher (level 0,1 or 2)
  • If you can't find the channel you wish to publish through, you can  make a proposal  before 30th. November
  • Register all publications in Cristin before the deadline.
  • Contact UHR 
    (The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions) if the
    status for a publication should be changed from level 1 to level 2 (or
    vice versa).

Social research networks #

way of making your research more visible is to share the papers on
social research networks. You can use the last accepted version sent to
the publisher before printing.

Such networks allow researchers
worldwide to discover publications on topics and in fields they are
interested in. Downloading full-text papers from such fora has become a
very popular source of information among researchers. Several such
networks also allow you to upload unfinished papers that other
researchers could give you feedback on.

Here are some of the largest social research networks:

Contact #

Make your research more visible - Wiki

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