Monday, 13 March 2017

iWrite - Welcome to Writing Clearly


 Welcome to Writing Clearly

Why do the Writing Clearly course?

If you want to do well in written assignments at university, it is
not enough to have good ideas and well-researched information, your
ideas must be written clearly.

What makes writing clearer?

  • Good Structure: Structure is the organisation of
    ideas and information into functional stages in a complete written text,
    in each section, and each paragraph of the text.
  • Good Cohesion: Cohesion is the presence of a clear
    and logical flow of ideas and information through connections across
    the whole text, each section and each paragraph.
What's in the Writing Clearly course?

The four units of this course show you how the basic resources for
clearer writing are used in an academic paragraph. The focus is the
paragraph as the basic building block of academic writing.

iWrite - Welcome to Writing Clearly

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