Thursday, 24 November 2016

Impactstory: Discover the online impact of your research


Boost your #OAscore

You can boost the percentage of your work that's free to read by uploading copies of
paywalled papers to an open repository.

  1. First, look through your publications list
    here on Impactstory. Find a publication that doesn't have "[full text]" next to it.

  2. Go to an open repository like figshare or
    Zenodo and upload
    the paper you've chosen. Here's more detailed instructions.
  3. Once you've uploaded your (formerly!) paywalled paper, note the new open URL you've created.

  4. Come back to Impactstory
    and view your publications list. Click on the title of
    the paper you've uploaded. Paste your new open URL into the "Add a link
    to free fulltext"
    field at the top of the page.

  5. Done! When you view your profile you'll see your new higher score
    (you may need to wait a few seconds for it to recalculate). Tweet it for the world to see!
Need any help? Contact us on Twitter or open a help
ticket by clicking the help icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Data sources

  • Altmetric supplies most of our data for tracking the online
    impact of publications.

  • BASE helps us find free fulltext for articles.

  • Mendeley gives us information about how articles are saved on their
    reference manager platform.

  • CrossRef helps us find metadata for articles that have DOIs.

  • ORCID provides researcher identity management services that form the backbone
    of our profile system.

  • Twitter supplies a convenient identity provider for signin (also, more Twitter
    analytics are on the roadmap).


Impactstory uses ORCID to find and import your scholarly works.
Are you missing publications on Impactstory? Here's how to fix it.

Get your publications into your ORCID

Since we import from ORCID, if your ORCID is missing articles then so are we.
Visit your ORCID to make sure it's got all your work. If not,
use their Scopus importer to remedy that situation:

Ensure your works are Public on ORCID

Once you've got all your publications on your ORCID, we need to make sure
Impactstory can see them. To do that, make sure their privacy is set to Public.
If not, it's easy to fix:

Re-sync Impactstory ORCID

If you've made any changes to your ORCID, they'll get synced over to Impactstory
automatically within 24 hours. Or if you're feeling like some instant gratification,
you can sync manually from your Settings page: just click the
icon at the top right of the page, then
click "Sync with my ORCID now."

Impactstory: Discover the online impact of your research

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