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Promote your published papers

Sitting back and hoping that someone will find your published
papers is not a great way to build a career in research. It’s also
insulting to who ever funded you to do your research, and reflects a low
sense of self value.

If you have done good work, if people have paid you to do it, if the
research institute has backed you by giving you space and resources,
then you owe it to people to tell them about the results… unless you
don’t believe in them.

Here are a few thoughts on proactive approaches to letting people know:

  1. Check that it is listed on your Google Scholar page (is it set up?).
  2. Place it on your research group’s web page.
  3. Set up a 90sec youtube clip where you describe the key finding and link it to your page.
  4. Collect email addresses of colleagues and send them the link – ask them to let you know about their papers.
  5. Place a QR code on all your posters that sends people to a page that lists all your papers.
  6. Place the same QR code on a business card so you are ready to hand it out when you meet people.
  7. Post key people a pdf of the paper as soon as it is published,
    asking them a specific question. Make sure it is a real question that
    you would genuinely like to hear their response to.
  8. Place the paper on your Linked in page (do you have one?)
  9. Tweet the link to your followers
  10. Set up a research facebook page and paste the link there, along with
    other thoughts and links that may help other people working in your
How many other tactics have you got for taking your work and making
sure that the investment placed in letting you reach your findings was
well spent? Let us all know.

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Promote your published papers - ThinkWrite Blog

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