Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Citation Improvement


Citation Improvement

Once a paper is published with
Communications on Applied Electronics (CAE), the authors must engage in
proactive activities to promote their paper within the scientific
community such that scholars do refer their research and cite the paper
in their papers; thus improving the visibility of the authors with the
research community.

Simple and effective methods to promote your paper to reach the widest and most appropriate audiences.

  • Reading lists: add your article, or the journal, to your students' reading lists as essential reading.

  • Department website or personal webpage: use your staff profile entry on
    your department website, or your personal webpage, to add information
    about your article and link directly to the online version.

  • Twitter and Facebook: authors are increasingly promoting their content
    via Twitter and Facebook so it can be picked up by other researchers and
    practitioners. Place an announcement on your Twitter or Facebook page
    highlighting the publication of your article with a link to direct
    people to the online version.

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced
    professionals from around the world with over 55 million members. It is
    not just for career opportunities. When you create your profile that
    summarises your professional expertise and accomplishments, why not
    include a mention of your articles?

  • Join academic social networking sites: academics, researchers, and
    practitioners are increasingly using social communities such as
    MyNetReseach and Academici as a way of meeting and conversing with
    people who share the same research interests.

  • CiteULike: you could add your article to your personal CiteULike library
    to share with others, which helps them discover literature which is
    relevant to their field. You can help with this process just by using
    CiteULike and through the invite a friend feature.

  • Discussion lists: post a short message to any discussion lists you are a
    member of, letting people know that the journal's latest issue, which
    includes your article, is now available. The easiest way to do this is
    to register for the table of contents alert for the journal so you can
    forward the email once you have received it.

  • Blogs: if you blog, don't forget to inform other users about your article.

Citation Improvement

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