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Exposing your Research - James Hardiman Library - NUI Galway

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Exposing your Research

The visibility and exposure of your research is influenced by many factors.  Selecting where to publish is one of the greatest factors in ensuring maximum exposure for your research.

Increasing Citations to your Publications

You can increase your citations by publishing in high impact
journals. Use the Journal Citation Reports to find out which journals
have the highest impact in your field.

Make it easy for others to access your work by publishing in an Open
Access journal (see below) and/or maximize the exposure of your
publications by depositing open access versions in ARAN which is crawled
by Google Scholar.

If you have authored multiple papers you may wish to consider
checking your publication profile in the main citation indices- Scopus
and Web of Science. Both also offer the facility to set up a citation
tracking alert so that you are notified when a new record appears in
either citing your paper.

See this short tutorial on how to create a citation alert on Web of Knowledge.

For ways to promote your paper using social media and search engine
optimisation (SEO), see this webinar from Elsevier’s author training

Ways to get your published paper noticed  October 2014  

Open Access Publishing

Open Access publishing is recognised as an effective way to increase accessibility and therefore visibility of your research publications.

The Library helps to maximise the exposure of NUI Galway research, by
making the publications of NUI Galway academic staff and researchers
openly available through the University's Institutional Repository - ARAN.

The Library's Research Librarian would be happy to advise on how you
can have your publications included in ARAN and other ways of maximising
the visibilty of your research.

Exposing your Research - James Hardiman Library - NUI Galway

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