Tuesday, 11 August 2015

TCFEX LLC | 720 Tools For Academic Research | Udemy


720 Tools+ For Academic Research


TCFEX Corporation was
initially formed in May 2013 and lunched in US in March 2014. Various
tools have been developed by well-known institutes throughout the
academic world to help improve the quality of research.

TCFEX has collected these scattered tools under supervision of Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim in a collection named the “Research Tools Box”. Aleebrahim,
PhD in Technology Management, has more than 23 years’ experience in
establishing R&D department in different companies, project director
and coordinator and implementing Knowledge-based systems in R&D
departments. He has published more than 100 papers so far.

Research Tools box contains over +720 tools and it is still growing.
These tools are classified into 4 main categories: Literature-Review,
Writing a Paper, Targeting Suitable Journals, and Enhancing Visibility
and Impact Factor.

“Research Tools Learning packages” are a
series of online courses which can considerably benefit supervisors,
students and researchers.

These courses will demonstrate
how to push deeper in a study and produce a high-quality thesis or
article. After completion of thesis or article, researchers can use the
research tools and methods shown in the courses as a guide in publishing
results in the best and most suitable academic journals. Even at this
point, research tools will help enhance and increase the impact of
research by bringing in more citations and comments from other
researchers. This series of courses has been developed to help junior
and senior researchers alike cut to the chase and put their time into
what is most important in their research. TCFEX has held more than 200
workshops for Masters and PhD students and professors.

TCFEX LLC | 720 Tools For Academic Research | Udemy

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