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Combining multiple Word documents that have EndNote citations - EndNote - Guides at University of Western Australia


Merging multiple documents that have EndNote citations

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This guide outlines two procedures for merging multiple documents
that have EndNote citations, each with its own EndNote reference list.
The goal of the merge is to produce a single document with a single
reference list at the end. This must be done carefully so that the
citations from the individual files are not corrupted. Note: all
citations in all documents to be merged should be drawn from a single
EndNote library.

A. Small documents

If a small number of simple documents are to be merged, a simple
copy/paste operation may be the fastest way to do this. The citations in
each document should be unformatted before attempting to copy/paste.

1. Open your EndNote library and leave it open.

2.Open the first document that you wish to combine with others.

3. On the EndNote tab, click on the small triangle symbol next to the Convert Citations and Bibliography button. A drop-down menu will appear.

4. Select the option Convert to Unformatted Citations. The EndNote citations in your text will now appear in curly brackets. Example: {Audard, 2007 #32}

5. Repeat these steps with all documents that need to be combined.

6. You can now copy and paste the text from the unformatted documents into a single Word document.

7. When all documents have been pasted in, click on the Update Citations and Bibliography button to reapply the citation style of your choice.

B. Larger documents

larger and/or complex documents such as theses, it might be advisable
to create a Master document in Word. There are pros and cons to using
Master documents. Standard formatting of subdocuments is a key element in their successful use.

1. Open your EndNote library and leave it open.

2. Follow the instructions in steps 3 and 4 above to unformat the
citations in all the Word documents to be combined. Save and close

3. Create a new document in Word, click on the VIEW tab and select OUTLINE

4. Check that the Level is set to Level 1.

5. Enter a heading for the first chapter or the work as whole and press ENTER

6. Enter headings for additional subdocuments pressing ENTER after each heading.

7. Position the cursor where the first file is to be inserted.

8. Click on SHOW DOCUMENT and then INSERT in the Outlining ribbon.

9. Select the first file to be added as a subdocument and click on OPEN.

10. If prompted, select YES in answer to the formatting questions offered.

11. Repeat for all files to be included.

12. Click CLOSE at the right end of the outlining ribbon and check document. Make adjustments if required.

13. Click on the EndNote tab in the combined document (your EndNote Library should still be open).

14. Click on UPDATE CITATIONS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY and the citations
will be amalgamated into one reference list at the end of the document.

Combining multiple Word documents that have EndNote citations - EndNote - Guides at University of Western Australia

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