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A quick guide to online social news community Reddit | Authors Update


A quick guide to online social news community Reddit

The site offers opportunities to expand your online discoverability and demonstrate your expertise

is one of the largest online social news communities. People gather
there to share and discuss stories on almost any topic imaginable.
Reddit has been around
since 2005 and has a worldwide registered user base in the millions.
Billing itself as “the front page of the Internet”, Reddit is
distinguished by a no-frills, bulletin-board look and a ranking system
for posts in which users’ “upvotes” or “downvotes” determine
which stories rise to the top of a page, and which sink into

Reddit – what you need to know

  • Registered users are
    sometimes referred to as “redditors”. They can create, reply to, and
    vote on topic threads created by other redditors.
  • Posts are grouped into topical categories called “subreddits”.
  • A
    popular subreddit is the section AMA (for “Ask Me Anything”), where
    redditors can host and participate in Q&A sessions about their areas
    of expertise.
  • Reddiquette is an informal set of guidelines to follow before commenting or submitting on Reddit.

Why care?

Reddit is quickly becoming a top online news source
and benefits from both the viral nature of social media and the growing
reliance upon crowd-sourcing information for breaking news stories.
Whether you peruse social news sites or not, there is no denying
Reddit’s utility as a platform to connect with millions of curious,
engaged minds quickly, easily, and for free. There are probably users in
your field using Reddit in this way, discussing topics that you speak,
teach, or write about.

What is the best way to become involved?

is known for hosting question-and-answer sessions with personalities
from all spheres of life, from unknown (but interesting) people to
well-known public figures. These online mass interviews are known on
Reddit as AMAs (for “Ask Me Anything”) and are a great way to expand
your online discoverability while demonstrating expertise and knowledge
in a particular field or topic of discussion.

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AMA sessions have been hosted by an incredible range of people, from
actors, athletes, and musicians to politicians (including the US
President), authors, and researchers. Scientists in particular
have held some fascinating discussions in AMAs across disciplines like
nanoscience, paleontology, epidemiology, mathematics, engineering,
sociology, chemistry, computer science, and many others.

Just some of the AMAs that have been hosted on Reddit.Just some of the AMAs that have been hosted on Reddit.
Elsevier book authors are among those who have hosted AMA sessions, including aviation security expert Jeff Price and computer science researcher Jen Golbeck.

Getting started

Reddit has created a Q&A for beginners to guide you through the early stages.

A quick guide to online social news community Reddit | Authors Update

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