Sunday, 19 April 2015

"Strategies to Enhance Research Visibility, Impact and Citations" workshop

Dear all,
Academic Development Centre (ADeC) will be organising a talk entitled :

Strategies to Enhance Research Visibility, Impact and Citations

Details of the talk are as follows :
Date               : 30th April 2015 (Thursday)
Venue            : Auditorium, Faculty of Education
Time              : 9 am - 11 am (2 hours)
Facilitator     : Dr Nader Ale Ebrahim (Research Support Unit, IPPP)

About the workshop:

Do you know “Over 43% of ISI papers have never ever received any citations?" (nature.comItop100. 2014). Publishing a high quality paper in scientific journals is only halfway towards receiving citation in the future. The rest of the journey is dependent on advertising and disseminating the publications via proper utilization ol the “Research Tools". Proper utilization of the tools allows the researchers to increase research impact and citations tor their publications. This workshop will provide various techniques on how to increase the research visibility and to enhance the impact of research works.
About the Speaker:
Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim is currently a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Research Services,IPPP, University of Malaya. He is the winner of the Refer-a-Colleague Competition and has received prizes from renowned establishments such as Thomson Reuters. Nader is well-known as the creator of "Research Tools" Box and the developer of “Publication Marketing Tools". He has solar conducted over 100 workshops within and outside University of Malaya.


1. Please go to the ATRiUM Website (
If this is your first time accessing the website, you need to create a new account which can be done by clicking the "Create new account" button. 

Go to your e-mail and confirm the registration of the new account you have created through the link given.
2. When your registration has been confirmed, click on the "Courses" and select "R&D TALK SERIES : STRATEGIES TO ENHANCE RESEARCH VISIBILITY, IMPACT AND CITATIONS" under ADeC Training 2015.
3. Key in the enrollment key.
4. Fill in the Registration Form and Submit.

For further inquiries, please call 03-22463358 (Ummu Saadah) or email us.
Thank you.

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