If you have conducted a research in the past you know that it
means endless PDF files, notes and webpages. Although these digital
documents are easier to work with, after some time their sheer number
can be really confusing and organizing them may turn into a real
challenge. But research management software such as Qiqqa
assists you in managing your documents and notes effectively, and
visualizing your ideas and work. These tools help you find what you are
looking for easily and what is more is that they can help you establish a
link between all these different files and notes.

In this article we are going to introduce Qiqqa, a
freeware and freemium research management tool which allows researchers
to work with numerous PDF files. Of course there are other similar tools
developed for this purpose, one such tool being Mendeley, and we will
introduce it in future articles.

Qiqqa is a free award winning research management
software that makes it possible to organize numerous papers, see
information about papers, manage documents and references, read, review,
annotate and highlight PDF files with a powerful built-in PDF reader. Qiqqa also integrates to Microsoft Word to make the process of citing and creating bibliographies much easier.

Some of its features include:

  • Seeing information about papers, and connections between concepts
  • reference and document management and  Importing PDFs into separate libraries
  • Automatic OCR and tag extraction
  • Exploring an entire library of papers via authors, papers, tags, and themes
  • Top-notch built-in PDF reader with annotating, highlighting, automated jump links
  • Creating printable summaries of notes, mindmaps of your thoughts, and directly cite your references within Microsoft Word
  • Optionally syncing to the private cloud with unlimited storage
  • Sharing library documents, metadata, and notes in private with selected people

Watch this video for examples

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