One major problem all researchers face when doing a research
project is managing their resources, including books, articles, and
reports. Several software packages have been developed to address this
problem. Systematic reference management is an integral part of any
research and all researchers should choose a reference management tool
for their needs. One good thing about using these tools is that once a
citation or reference has been recorded, it can be used time and time
again for generating bibliographies such as lists of references in
scholarly theses, books, articles, and essays. Another advantage is that
they are usually integrated with word processors, such as Microsoft
Word so that a reference list in the appropriate format is produced
automatically as an article is being written.

Most reference management tools are similar to libraries or databases
which hold the information regarding the bibliographies and details of
published articles in different journals and then use these information
for generating citations and references. There are many tools for this
purpose and most of them share a lot of similarities. In this article BibMe is introduced for your reference management needs.

BibMe is a one-stop source for all kinds of
bibliography needs. It is a free automatic citation creator that
supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting. BibMe
leverages external databases to quickly fill citation information for
you. It will then format the citation information and compile a
bibliography according to the guidelines of the selected style manual.

Moreover, you can enter your citation information manually. You will
also have a citation guide that provides you the style manuals’
guidelines for citing references. What is more is that  if you do not
remember all the information for the source you have just cited, BibMe allows you to search from a database of millions of entries to find your source and auto-fill-in the information.

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