Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Impactstory: Nader Ale Ebrahim

Nader Ale Ebrahim

University of Malaya

Visiting Research Fellow

open access




Open Access

Top 10%

98% of your research is free to read online.
This level of availability puts you in the top 4% of researchers.

better, 52% of your papers are published under a fully Open license
like CC-BY, making them available for a wide range of reuse (not just
reading). Learn more about why this is important at HowOpenIsIt.

Global Reach

Top 10%

Your research has been saved and shared in 44 countries.
That's high: only 9% of researchers get that much international attention.

Countries include




and 41 more.

Hot Streak

Top 10%

People keep talking about your research. Someone has shared your research online every month for the last 13 months.
That's a sharing streak matched by only 2% of scholars.

Greatest Hit

Top 25%

Your top publication has been saved and shared 31 times.
Only 21% of researchers get this much attention on a publication.

Global South

Top 10%

Of people who save and share your research, 60% are in the Global South.
That's a high proportion: only 2% of researchers publish work that inspires this level of engagement from the developing world.

Countries include




and 14 more.

Follower Frenzy

Top 25%

Someone with over 29.578 thousand followers has tweeted your research.
Only 24% of scholars have been tweeted by someone with this many followers.

Thanks, @figshare.

All Readers Welcome

Your writing has a reading level that is easily understood at grade 9 and above, based on its abstracts and titles.
That's great — it helps lay people and practitioners use your research. It also puts you in the top 3% in readability.

Big in Japan

Your work was saved or shared by someone in Japan!
Only half of researchers can claim this honor.

Impactstory: Nader Ale Ebrahim

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