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Is it worth the effort contributing in Wikipedia? - Quora


Is it worth the effort contributing in Wikipedia?

  • They don't let original researches to be included
  • Inclusion
    of reference and citation needs a lot of research to be done. It is
    almost similar to publishing in a research journal.
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Dave Waghorn
Dave Waghorn, Wikipedia editor for over 10 years and administrator for over 9.
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it's absolutely worth the effort. Conducting the research into topics
you don't already know about can be fascinating; verifying and
challenging the things you do know can be both surprising and rewarding.
Shaping that information into well-worded prose is satisfying and then
seeing your contribution immediately published on one of the world's
biggest and most popular websites is very exciting. Inviting others to
then peer review your work and receiving feedback on it can be very
satisfying, as can working together with other contributors to improve
their own work. Knowing that your contribution may help others to
increase their own knowledge about the subject you've written about -
whether that's for work, just out of interest, or whatever other reason -
is very satisfying.
Contributing to Wikipedia -
at least, contributing something meaningful - is not effortless. But if
your attitude is that anything that takes a bit of effort isn't worth
doing, I'm afraid you're not going to go far in life. Is it worth the
effort? Yes, definitely. Come and join in.
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Is it worth the effort contributing in Wikipedia? - Quora

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