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Ecosystem services in agroforestry systems of Europe


Ecosystem services in agroforestry systems of Europe 

Amelie Göbel
: Ecosystem services in agroforestry systems (2016): resolveuid/5825e061c4bb6e82e85360fa3225a8f1

Betreuerin: Anne-Christine Mupepele

Agroforestry systems are de€ning elements of the European countryside
[McAdam and McEvoy, 2009] that are viewed as part of a working
landscape and provide ecosystem services, environmental bene€ts and
economic commodities [Jose, 2009] [Bj¨orklund et al., 2013]. However,
agroforestry systems in Europe are not very well explored in terms of
ecosystem services and their evidence basis [Fagerholm et al., 2016]. Œe
current state of knowledge, as well as the gaps in the research into
ecosystem services in agroforestry systems in Europe, will be identi€ed
and a subset of studies will be critically appraised, centred upon the
quality of the literature. A systematic literature map, following the
guidelines established by the Collaboration for Environmental evidence
(CEE) Collaboration for Environmental Evidence [2009] was therefore
conducted. Œe ISI web of knowledge database and the search engines, such
as Google and Google scholar, were systematically surveyed for relevant
studies on the topic. Œese searches were limited to English and German
articles, published since 1929. Œe search results were assessed for
relevance in a two step process of comparing title and abstract, as well
as abstract and the full text against stipulated and/or designated
criteria for both inclusion and exclusion. Œe remaining 110 articles
were then qualitatively evaluated using the so‰ware R. As a second step,
the quality of a subset of the €nal articles was critically appraised
using the quality assessment tool established by Mupepele et al. [2015].
We found amongst the 110 studies included that regulation maintenance
and provisioning services are the most investigated ecosystem services
categorize in the literature. A major part of the literature focuses on
dehesa and silvopastoral systems located mainly in the Mediterranean
region. Œe Nemorales zonobiome (temperate climate) have not so far been
researched extensively regarding ecosystem services in agroforestry
systems. Œe €ndings also show distributions of the the studies
concerning the study design and the main message and/or implications of
the articles. Œe evidence assessment generally revealed that many
studies remained either at the same level of evidence or are downgraded
only to approximately 0.5 of a level. To conclude, this work can be seen
as the point of commencement in ecosystem services for agroforestry
systems research in Europe. It can be used by researchers,
practitioners, conservationists and policy-makers as reference for
prospective agroforestry projects.

Vorherige Abschlussarbeiten / Past Theses — Abteilung für Biometrie und Umweltsystemanalyse

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