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Qualitative and quantitative analysis of solar hydrogen generation literature from 2001 to 2014

  • Mohammad Reza Maghami 
  • , Shahin navabi asl
  • , Mohammad esmaeil Rezadad
  • , Nader Ale Ebrahim
  • , Chandima Gomes


Solar hydrogen
generation is one of the new topics in the field of renewable energy.
Recently, the rate of investigation about hydrogen generation is growing
dramatically in many countries. Many studies have been done about
hydrogen generation from natural resources such as wind, solar, coal
etc. In this work we evaluated global scientific production of solar
hydrogen generation papers from 2001 to 2014 in any journal of all the
subject categories of the Science Citation Index compiled by Institute
for Scientific Information (ISI), Philadelphia, USA. Solar hydrogen
generation was used as keywords to search the parts of titles,
abstracts, or keywords. The published output analysis showed that
hydrogen generation from the sun research steadily increased over the
past 14 years and the annual paper production in 2013 was about three
times 2010-paper production. The number of papers considered in this
research is 141 which have been published from 2001 to this date. There
are clear distinctions among author keywords used in publications from
the five most high-publishing countries such as USA, China, Australia,
Germany and India in solar hydrogen studies. In order to evaluate this
work quantitative and qualitative analysis methods were used to the
development of global scientific production in a specific research
field. The analytical results eventually provide several key findings
and consider the overview hydrogen production according to the solar
hydrogen generation.


Solar hydrogen generation
Hydrogen generation
Water splitting
Hydrogen literature