Monday, 20 July 2015

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Effective Factors for Increasing University Publication and Citation Rate

Masoomeh Shahbazi-Moghadam,
Hadi Salehi,

Nader Ale Ebrahim,

 Marjan Mohammadjafari and

Hossein Gholizadeh

University of Technology MARA (UiTM), Islamic Azad
University, Najafabad Branch, University of Malaya (UM) - Department of
Engineering Design and Manufacture, Faculty of EngineeringUniversity of
Malaya (UM) - Research Support Unit, Centre of Research Services,
Institute of Research Management and Monitoring (IPPP), University of
Malaya (UM) and University of Malaya (UM) - Department of Biomedical
Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Date posted to database: 25 Jun 2015

Last Revised: 2 Jul 2015

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