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Add Your Authoritive Post To Your LinkedIn Profile


We are going to discuss how to add publications to your LinkedIn Profile page in this tutorial.

Most of you are probably aware of what Google Authorship
is, and how it helps build your credibility. Assuming you do the
necessary administrative steps, whenever you post to your blog, Google
will monitor and track this. If the content is good, and people share
it… it builds you Google Authorship score. Much like Google gives
PageRank (PR) to every website.

Google authorship

But… Google isn’t the only kid on the playground. LinkedIn has a
little used function where you can ‘add’ your “publications” to your

Why Add A Publication To LinkedIn?

Good question! Glad you asked. Your number one goal with
LinkedIn is to complete your profile as best as possible. Some use
LinkedIn to network with others in the same field, many use it to look
for jobs. The more complete your profile is, the more likely it is to be
found by others. Adding a Publication to your LinkedIn profile also
gives your more credibility. LinkedIn is providing an avenue for your to
showcase your external work. Be sure to use this feature.

My goal is to always set my profile above others in my field. Most of my peers are not using this feature. If you are a small business owner, and are using LinkedIn, what a great way to promote your expertise in a particular subject matter.

Let me show you how to do this…

LinkedIn Profile

First, log into your LinkedIn account. Then select “Profile” from the main menu.

2-26-2013 11-34-50 AM

Assuming everything is already setup in your profile, you should see an option in the menus to the right for “Publications”.

Adding linked in publications

You will get the following screen to be filled out. In my experience I
just copy and paste the info: title, web site name, date the post
originally was live. For the description block… just use one or two
descriptive sentence to highlight what your publication was about.

linked in profile publication

Here is my fictional LinkedIn Profile Publication Post… remember to
fill in all the blocks. You also want to put the FULL URL to your post.
If it is a blog post on your site… copy and paste the entire URL to the
“Publication URL” block. This is important. Otherwise visitors will not
be able to see your work.

2-26-2013 11-49-10 AM

Once you hit the save button, your LinkedIn Profile page will update
and you will have a new section added call “Publications” and will look
just like this…

successful linkedin profile publication

That’s about all there is to this process. It’s not hard. If you have
any questions regarding this, please use the comment section below to

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Linkedin Profile | Adding Publications To Build Authority

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