Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Maximise your impact - Scholarly Communication - IOE LibGuides at Institute of Education, London


Maximise your impact

Improve the visibility of your research

your research available to the widest possible audience and improve the
discoverability of your material by adopting one or more of the
following strategies:
Make material available via open access
  • Remove journal subscription cost barriers so material is freely available online.
  • For example, publish in open access journals or deposit in the institutional repository IOE ePrints
Use Social Media to promote your article
  • Eliminates
    many traditional barriers to reach the general public by using social
    media sites such as Twitter, FaceBook and by blogging (see IOE LibGuide on Social Media for Researchers for instructions on how to get started)
  • Receive rapid feedback and make new connections from these sites
  • Measure and track social media impact and changes to real-world practice
Write to enhance discoverability
  • Create a clear, descriptive titles which includes the key words
  • Reiterate the key words or phrases from the title within the abstract itself to optimise search results   
  • Choose journals that are indexed in a wide number of databases
  • Blog about your research keeping in mind a more general audience - you are writing now for the lay public.

Build an online profile

increasing your profile, your contacts and personal impact, you can
increase your success rate in the competitive environment of academia.
Register an Author ID
Social Media

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